Why you should be planning for Christmas now

Why You Should Be Planning For Christmas Now

It may be the height of summer, but here at Fat Cats Photography we’re convinced this is the best time to start preparing your business for Christmas. Here’s why.


One of the main reasons to plan so far in advance is time. If you need to create new products, order stock, capture new product photography or re-asses your selling methods, there is plenty of time to do so.

Because there is time, there is less pressure. While having deadlines is important, when you’re planning in advance if a supplier is delayed by a day or two it won’t directly affect your Christmas sales or your stress levels. You also have the opportunity to come up with new ideas and test them before the Christmas rush begins.

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy may include new product releases, new product photography, and cover all your online platforms. To make this work for you, add in a realistic timeline of when your products need to be finalised, photographed and uploaded to your site.

Taking this month to create your Christmas marketing strategy will help to reduce your workload closer to the festive period, allowing you to focus on your customers.


No matter what online platform you use, there will be a scheduling tool for it. From communicating with your email list to your social media and online store, automate where you can. Most tools will allow you to schedule a few months in advance, so there’s no reason to not create your content now.

By automating your content now it’s one less thing to think about when the festive period arrives.

Time Off

If you don’t usually plan for Christmas in advance, it may seem like madness to suggest having time off. But it’s important.

We all want to enjoy the festive period. Whether it’s visiting a Christmas market, watching the Children’s Nativity or heading to a pantomime, we need to take some time out. If you’ve started planning for Christmas in August, all your big tasks will be taken care of and you’ll be able to fully relax on your days off. And in our opinion, that is the biggest reason you should be planning for Christmas now.

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