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The Product Photography Process

Every session we carry out follows the same process. We wanted to go into a little more detail about what that process is, and how we work together to give you the best results possible.

Initial Enquiry

We always start with an initial enquiry. This can take many forms. You can fill in our contact form, give us a call or reach out on social media. At this point we’ll talk about the type of products you have, any ideas you might have and book in a consultation to discuss what you need in more depth.


Our consultations can take place face to face or via video call. These chats usually last around an hour, and we get into the details of your session. Here we’ll get to the bottom of what you need from your product photography session.

We’ll talk about backgrounds, lighting styles, your brand and any photography that you admire. We’ll make a list of shots we need to capture on the day, as well as a list of different products you may have. Finally, we’ll work out which package will work best for you.

If you’re happy we’ll set a date for your session and all the information you need to get fully booked in will be sent to you.

Ideas board

When you’re fully booked in, we’ll get to work on an inspiration board. This board will include the style of photography we’ve agreed on for your day along with any colours and themes you’d like to incorporate. This board will be sent to you to look over and edit before the shoot takes place.

This is an example board we created with Victoria Radcliffe Studios.

Pinterest Board Example for Victoria Radcliffe Designs

And this is some of the work we created at her product photography session.

Product Photography silver rings with green leaf for Victoria Radcliffe Studios

Final Confirmation

Before the day we’ll be in touch once more to confirm your session and our plan for the day. If you’re sending us your products we’ll confirm we’ve received them. If you’re attending the shoot we’ll make sure you have the correct address and full directions.

If there are any changes to the original plan, this is the time to make them.

Shoot Day

The day of your product photography session, we’ll get to work capturing all your products.
First we take the shot list and put your products in the order we’ll need them, along with any props we might need to use to style the images.

Then we set up the lighting required and take some test shots.

When we’re happy with our test, we’ll start shooting your products in the way that we’ve agreed – keeping our inspiration board visible to make sure we stay on track.

At the end of the session we’ll pack all your products away and let you know that we’re done shooting.

If you’ve chosen to attend the shoot, we’ll make sure the kettle is on when you arrive and have a few snacks in too!


All the images will be backed up and edited before we deliver them to you. We’ll edit the shoot in line with the style we’ve agreed. We’ll make sure that the dimensions of the images fit your needs and that all the colours of your products are true to life.

Product Photographer in Yorkshire

Delivery of Images

You’ll receive your images via our gallery system. From here you can download all the files in both web size and high resolution formats.

If you would like any alterations to your images, we’re always happy to re-edit until you’re 100% satisfied.

Items Returned

The last step of the process is to have all your items returned to you. We’ll have arranged the best way to do this at your final confirmation.

If you’d like to start your product photography process, get in touch here.

South Yorkshire Product Photography for Knitaay

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