What is product photography?

What Is Product Photography?

Product photography is a type of commercial photography that focuses solely on products. It’s used mainly online and aims to make your products look their best. A good product photograph shows your customers exactly what they’ll be purchasing. This increases trust between you and your customers, minimises product returns and keeps your buyers happy.

Within the product photography umbrella there are a few styles to choose from.

White Background

With white background photography the product is the sole focus of the image. The details stand out, and your customer can see exactly what is included in their order. White backgrounds look professional; they can be used for any product and in a variety of places online, such as your social media or online shop.

Tracey Mawson Ceramic Artist Product Photographs

Plain Backgrounds

As with the white background, a plain background keeps the product as the sole focus of the image. Unlike white background images, using a colour will help your photographs stand out while allowing you to add your brand personality. They can also be a little more fun! Brightly coloured backgrounds may not be the best option for every product, but they can be used alongside white backgrounds to spice up your social feeds and online shop.

Blue wallet on black background product photography South Yorkshire

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle product photography has become more popular in recent years. This style of photography shows your product in a ‘real life’ situation; a canvas displayed on a shelf alongside other objects that could be found in the home for example. While this style takes a little more time to perfect, it gives you a great opportunity to create much more visually interesting images and engage with your ideal customers.

Black Bee Creative Lifestyle Product Photography Canvas


Using models in product photography can give your customers a sense of how your products should be used, and a real sense of scale. The models can be used with any of the backgrounds above, or on location for a more fashion forward look. It’s also possible to use just a section of a model, hands or feet for example, to show off your product in more detail.

EVR Made Alt Jewellrey Product Photography

At Fat Cats Photography we create beautiful product images to help you tell your brand story. We help to support and grow businesses – and profits – by making your products look their best. If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you. Just get in touch.