How to vreate consistent product photography

How To Create Consistent Product Photography

If you’ve read our previous posts you’ll know that creating consistent product photography is the key to keeping your customers engaged and raising your brand awareness. In this post you’ll find all you need to know about creating consistent product photographs.

Know your settings

Whether you’re using your phone camera or a DSLR, keeping your settings the same throughout all your shoots is essential to keeping consistency. If you change any camera setting it will alter the whole look of your photograph.
The first time you photograph your products you may want to experiment with a few settings. When you have a combination you’re happy with, make a note of them so it’s simple to program them in next time.

(If you haven’t already done this, but have images you’re proud of, the settings used can often be found in the file information. Get in touch if you’d like help finding them.)

Re-use your background

As with the camera settings, your background will change how your final image looks. It affects the colours, the tone and the reflections on your products. Make sure you choose backgrounds that can be recreated, and re-use the same background if possible.
When setting up for your shoot, also consider the available light. If you create good results by a window at midday, don’t photograph with a lamp at night. Being able to re-create your lighting is just as important as using the same background and settings.

Create your process

Having a process for your sessions will help your consistency, and save you time. Decide whether you’ll photograph each of your products as it’s created, or whether you’d prefer to photograph in batches. Do you want to spend a day at a time on your product photography, or would you rather spend a few hours each day over the course of a week?
Building your process around your preferences will help you stay motivated and create the best results possible.

Stick to your style

When you’ve created your style guide, stick to it. It’s very easy to look at other businesses and wonder if you should alter your style to be more like theirs – but if your style is resulting in sales to your ideal customer, don’t change it. Being consistent in your photography will pay off.

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