How to resize your photographs

How To Resize Your Photographs

Resizing your product photographs for online use gives you full control over your images. Having the correct ratios for your social media headers and posts, for your online shop, and for your website means there is no cropping needed. This will help keep your own sites running quickly and smoothly, and improve your overall customer experience.

How to find the correct size

Finding the image size you need is simple. Your website layout will determine what dimensions you need (ask your web developer if needed).
For social media, a quick Google search will give you all the information needed.

Resizing for Windows

The simplest way to resize your product photographs in Windows is:

Double click to open the photograph you’d like to resize.
Click the three dots in the top right hand corner.
Click ‘resize’.
In the pop up box, click ‘define custom dimensions’.
Enter the dimensions you need. If you have the ‘maintain aspect ratio’ box ticked, you only need to enter one dimension. The other will update automatically. This is useful when resizing images for your website.
Click ‘save resized copy’.
You’re done!

How to resize images in windows
How to resize images in windows
How to resize images in windows
How to resize images in windows

Resizing for Mac

To resize your product photographs on a Mac, you’ll need to follow these steps.

Double click the image you’d like to resize. It should now be open in the preview module.
Go to ‘Tools’ – ‘Adjust size’
Enter the dimensions you need. Keep in mind you need to add in the units – pixels is the most commonly used for web usage. If you have ‘scale proportionally’ selected, the image will keep its original aspect ratio. When you enter the width or height, the other will change automatically.
Click ‘OK’
Your image is now saved in the correct size.

Resizing in Lightroom

To resize a batch of images, we use Lightroom.

Open the images you’d like to resize in Lightroom.
Select all the images.
Go to ‘File’ – ‘Export’.
Enter the dimensions you need. Make sure you have the correct unit selected – pixels are the most used unit when resizing for web use. If you would like to keep the original aspect ratio, leave either the width or height box empty.
Choose the quality of your image, and where you’d like to save it to.
Click ‘Export’.
(If you can’t find your image, go back into the ‘export’ dialogue box. This will show the previous settings, and show you where the image has been saved to.)

How to resize images in Lightroom

How to resize images in Lightroom

How to resize images in Lightroom

If you’d like any help with resizing your product photographs, just get in touch.

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