Product Photography style guide

Your Product Photography Style Guide

What is a product photography style guide?

A product photography style guide is a short document that includes all the rules for your photography. It should include things like your colour palette, key compositions, model looks, and overall feel of the images.

Your style guide should be clear enough that if you were to give it to someone with no other information, they would be able to create images that matched your brand.

Why is it important

From a business point of view, having a style guide will save time in the long run. Being able to show it to everyone you work with is much faster than repeatedly explaining your vision.

But it does much more than save time. It helps to keep your photography consistent, which sends the message that your business is reliable and trustworthy. A good photography style guide will also help to communicate your key messages to your customer in a clear way, reinforcing that trust.

How to make one

The first thing to put into your style guide is the branding guidelines. What is the overall style of your business and current marketing? Include colours, shapes, and any repeated compositions.

Next, consider your ideal customer. Do they prefer clean, plain images or are they more likely to relate to images that include props and bold backgrounds? If it’s a combination be sure to include how the two are split, and if they’re both to be used on every platform.

Finally, add your guidelines on models and props. These should both resonate with your ideal customer. Think about what your buyer may have in their homes, and what they can relate to. It’s also worth considering what type of person they aim to be, and choosing models who reflect that.

(For example, if you were selling a range of baby’s rattles with your ideal customer being 26-28 year old first time mothers, styling your product with 18 year olds getting ready for a night out would not be appropriate.)

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For help creating your product photography style guide, get in touch. If you haven’t already completed your business mood board, we recommend starting there.